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Division of Epidemiology, Public Health Nutrition Program

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Project Director

Jamie Stang, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D.
Division of Epidemiology
1300 South Second Street, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1087
(612) 626-0351

Research & Scientific Capabilities

Obesity Prevention

  • Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Initiative
  • RWJ Healthy Eating Research Program
  • University of Minnesota Obesity Research Center

Maternal, Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition

  • Center for Youth Health Promotion
  • National Children’s Study
  • Program in Health Disparities Research

Community Engagement

  • Community-Engaged Department Initiative
  • Center for Translational Scientific Investigation
  • Community-Based Participatory Action Partners in Research
  • Program in Health Disparities Research

Nutrition Epidemiology

  • Nutrition Coordinating Center

Clinical & Public Health Relationships


  • Hennepin County, Anoka County, Ramsey County, Minneapolis, St Paul and Bloomington Depts of Health
  • University-Northside Partnership, Powderhorn Cultural Wellness Center
  • Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, Community-University Health Center
  • Native American Clinic and Indian Health Board
  • Community Design Center
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • West Side Health Center/La Clinica

Regional and State

  • Minnesota Department of Health (MCH, WIC, Obesity Prevention)
  • Minnesota Department of Education (Child Nutrition Programs, Obesity Prevention, Great Trays)
  • UMN Extension (Simply Good Eating Program)
  • Health departments in Regions V, VII and VIII (WIC, Nutrition, MCH)
  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Midwest Center for Lifelong-Learning in Public Health


  • Indian Health Service (Aberdeen, Bemidji and Navajo Service Areas)
  • Maternal and Child Nutrition Training Grant Projects and Activities
    • Pediatric Obesity (U of AL, U of TN)
    • Emerging Leaders in MCH Nutrition Leadership Institute (Baylor U, U of TN, U of AL)

Professional & Other Organizational Linkages


  • Leadership Education in Adolescent Health
  • Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
  • Maternal and Child Health Training Program
  • Twin Cities Dietetic Education Consortium
  • Twin Cities Dietetic Association

Regional and State

  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • General Mills Bell Institute for Health and General Mills Foundation
  • University of Illinois- MCH Program
  • MN Dietetic Association


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • American Dietetic Association
  • American Public Health Association
  • Association of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition
  • Associate of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors, MCH Nutrition Council
  • Society for Nutrition Education
  • International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Education & Training

MPH in Public Health Nutrition

  • Coordinated Masters Program in Public Health Nutrition
  • Nutritional Epidemiology emphasis
  • Interdisciplinary concentrations in health disparities, global health, public health policy, and complimentary and alternative health
  • LEND training program
  • LEAH training program


  • Nutrition Science
  • Social and Behavioral Epidemiology

Continuing Education

  • National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course
  • National Maternal Nutrition Intensive Course Distance Education
  • Pediatric Obesity Training Workshop
  • Public Health Summer Institute
  • Midwest Center for Lifelong-Learning in Public Health

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